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What Are Hemangiomas?

A hemangioma is a type of birthmark that falls into the category of vascular anomalies. They are quite common in infants and can occur in up to 10% of newborns. They occur when a rapid increase of cells line the blood vessels and can appear quickly within a few days or weeks of a child being born. While they are quick to form and quite noticeable in the first year, they typically go through a regression phase and clear up on their own. There are instances where these grow rapidly and do not regress. Unfortunately, the face and neck tend to be the most common area where this occurs, making people self-conscious about their appearance. At Tru-Skin Dermatology, we offer a variety of treatment options to treat cases that don’t clear up naturally.

What Causes Hemangiomas?

Through research, we know that hemangiomas are tumors that grow from a specific type of cell called hemangioma-initiating multipotent stem cells. However, what causes them to develop is not certain. They occur soon after birth and go through three phases:

  • Proliferative Phase – This is the growth period. It can start within days of birth but usually happens at some point within the first six to eight months and is fully developed by age one.
  • Involuting Phase – During this phase, the hemangioma begins to regress and fade over time. This process can last throughout childhood, with most children seeing a 50% reduction by age 5, a 70% reduction around age 7, and continued improvement through 10 – 12 years old.
  • Involuted Phase – Once the involuting phase is complete, the hemangioma is considered to be in the involuted phase. Many children will have clear skin, while some may have some slight skin discoloration or small spider veins that remain in the area.

Concerns of Hemangiomas

Most hemangiomas are not dangerous and don’t cause additional problems for patients. They frequently clear up on their own. In the small percentage that do come with complications, it is usually in the form of skin ulcerations or bleeding caused by constant rubbing or other types of irritation. Another complication can be the location of the hemangioma. For instance, hemangiomas on or near the eye can cause vision problems. This is a concern during vision development of infants as it can lead to prolonged issues with sight. Any of these types of situations may require early treatment by a dermatologist.

Treatment Options for Hemangiomas

Early on, parents may be concerned about rapidly developing hemangiomas in infant children, but it is critical to remember that most of these will clear up on their own as the child ages. Any surgical removal will leave a scar, and deciding on surgery too quickly may leave your child with a life-long scar for something that may have cleared up naturally with time. There are a few different treatment options for problematic hemangiomas or cases that do not clear up naturally.

  • Steroids – These can be administered by injection or orally in pill form.
  • Propranolol – This medication has been used for heart and blood pressure issues, but recent studies have shown that it can effectively treat hemangiomas during the proliferative phase.
  • Surgery – Surgical removal may be the best option for patients with problematic hemangiomas when other options aren’t possible.

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