Tru-Skin Dermatology is proud to offer Revision skin care products, which offer high-quality ingredients that maximize skin health and overall glow. Please see our product offering below and contact us if you are interested in placing an order. You may also order these products in person at any Tru-Skin Dermatology location, or feel free to give us a call to place your order 512-806-7275.

Revision's Brightening Facial Wash at Tru-Skin

Brightening Wash** Kevin’s Favorite!

  • Category: Cleanser

  • Brightening Face Wash is a gentle cleanser that rids your skin of impurities and dead surface cells to leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. This cleanser contains a combination of exfoliating alpha and beta hydroxy acids, brightening botanicals, and antioxidants to give you a nice glow without stripping away natural oils that keep our skin healthy. The addition of Vitamin C, E and white tea extract nourish and hydrate the skin while providing extra protection throughout the day.

  • Kevin says: “Brightening wash is a great nightly cleanser that provides daily exfoliation decrease oils and debris and leaves a bright smooth appearance of the skin.”

Kevin Giacontiere, Physician Assistant at Tru-Skin

Revision's Gentle Cleansing Lotion at Tru-Skin

Gentle Cleansing Lotion

  • Category: Cleanser

  • Gentle Cleansing Lotion is a creamy cleanser that boosts hydration while supporting your skin’s natural barrier. This product is perfect for those who have dry, sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Naturally, derived cleansing agents combine with antioxidant-rich amino acids to leave your skin feeling smooth and free of unwanted oils, dirt, and debris.

  • Provider insight: This is a great staple cleanser to have at all times. Because it is free of fragrance or artificial color, its perfect for rosacea patients or those who react easily to the product.

Revision's Papaya Enzyme Cleanser at Tru-Skin

Papaya Face Wash

  • Category: Cleanser

  • Papaya Face Wash utilizes naturally nutrient and mineral-rich Papaya fruit extract to leave skin nourished, smooth, and clean. Papaya also contains Papain, a natural exfoliated that rinses away dead surface skin and impurities while still maintaining moisture-balance and hydration. This wash is perfect for all skin types – particularly those with oily or combination skin.

  • Provider insight: I love that this cleanser utilizes natural enzymes from the Papaya fruit to revitalize the skin! It’s really great at ridding of excess oil while still keeping the skin moisturized.

Revision's Black Mask at Tru-Skin

Black Mask 

  • Category: Mask

  • Black Mask is made with high-quality earth clays that absorb excess moisture and penetrate pores to clean away blackheads and leave the skin feeling smooth and clear. This mask also contains natural botanicals such and cucumber and sage extracts to soothe the skin and provide nourishing antioxidants. Salicylic acid was also included in this powerhouse ingredient list to provide a light exfoliation to refine the appearance of pores and remove excess dead surface cells.

  • Provider insight: This is such a great mask for a girls night in! I love how smooth it makes your skin after and it has so many great, natural ingredients that really penetrate to give you a deep clean.

Revision's Revox 7 at Tru-Skin

Revox 7

  • Category: Anti-aging

  • Revox 7 incorporates 7 different powerful peptides that are clinically proven to reduce expression lines throughout the entire face to give you a more youthful appearance. These peptides have been shown to penetrate deep wrinkles to plump the skin from underneath to fill lines and provide a radiant glow. This product helps rid of lines surrounding the eyes, mouth, and forehead.

  • Provider insight: This is a great product to firm the skin on the face to decrease lines and crepiness. Revox 7 is perfect for those wrinkles around the eye – they will smooth out in no time!

Revision's Vitamin C 30 at Tru-Skin

 Vitamin C Lotion 30%

  • Category: Antioxidant

  • Vitamin C Lotion 30% contains a superior, pure form of Vitamin C that has been shown to brighten and even out skin tone. This product utilizes this extremely stable form of Vitamin C to provide one of the highest concentration products on the market that will revitalize and protect the skin from damaging free-radicals. Ultra moisturizing squalane was added to provide generous hydration while a powerful line up of additional antioxidants work to protect your skin from environmental damage and decrease visible fine lines and wrinkles.

C+ Correcting Complex Product

Vitamin C+ Correcting Complex 30% 

  • Category: Antioxidant

  • Vitamin C+ Correcting Complex delivers the next generation of Vitamin C to provide superior protection from environmental damage and correct existing discoloration and signs of aging. Their innovative MelaPATH technology brightens skin tone, supports the natural production of skin antioxidants, and improves fine lines and wrinkles. This product also supports our natural microbiome to maximize skin health and overall glow. This product contains THD Ascorbate – the most potent and stable form of Vitamin C.

Revision's D.E.J Eye Cream at Tru-Skin

D.E.J Eye Cream

  • Category: Eye

  • DEJ Eye Cream visibly reduces the appearance of eyelid sagging, crepiness, holding, and redness providing a comprehensive brightening and youthful appearance. This product also increasing moisture retention to plump the skin and rejuvenate the eye area in as little as 4 weeks. This formula was created specifically to enhance the delicate skin of the eyelids and provide long-term care to this area by utilizing a prebiotic formula that supports our natural microbiome.

  • Provider insight: This is a great formula for brightening up the eyes and lifting any sagging that occurs with age. The eyelids are such a delicate area and need a non-irritating product like this to provide effective results.

Revision's DEJ Night face cream at Tru-Skin

D.E.J Night Cream

  • Category: Hydrator

  • DEJ Night cream is a powerful moisturizer that contains 0.25% Retinol with Bakuchiol, an ingredient that boosts the efficacy of Retinol to provide visible anti-aging benefits. This product also contains Vitamin C, Goji fruit extract, anti-aging peptides and other hand-picked ingredients that work to decrease fine lines, discoloration and sun damage. Formulated to work as you sleep, you will wake up feeling fresh, rejuvenated and notice long-lasting hydration in your skin.

  • Provider insight: This is a great product for overall skin health that targets several different aging factors. It combines multiple mechanisms to increase skin health while you sleep!

Revision's DEJ face cream at Tru-Skin

D.E.J. Face Cream

  • Category: Anti-aging

  • DEJ Face cream utilizes powerful peptides, antioxidants and botanical extracts to plump and revitalize the skin with every application. This product enhances your skins natural barrier to lock in moisture and plump from within, leading to a visible decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. DEJ Face cream also implements Prebiotic innovation to support our natural microbiomes, which have been shown to impact overall skin health.

  • Provider insight: DEJ Face is perfect for people wanting to soften fine lines while increasing skin hydration. It uses an innovative technology to work at the source of fine line formation to provide great results.

Revision's Nectifirm at Tru-Skin


  • Category: Anti-aging

  • Nectifirm contains an award-winning formula proven to firm, lift and smooth out the neck, jawline and décolletage. This product contains powerful anti-aging peptides, plant extracts and antioxidants that lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing out rough, crepey skin. Nectifirm is formulated specifically for the delicate skin of the neck that tends to fall and age differently than the rest of the face.

  • Provider insight: This is a revolutionary product for those patients who are unhappy with the way their neck looks due to crepey skin and sagging. It really tightens and restores youth to such an important area.

Revision's Bodifirm at Tru-Skin


  • Category: Anti-aging

  • Bodifirm utilizes a new technology called iFirm to tighten and lift crepey, saggy skin on any area of the body including neck, arms, abdomen and thighs. This product firms the skin to decrease visible signs of aging and sun damage by encouraging production of collagen and elastin – our body’s natural skin tighteners. Bodifirm also brightens the appearance of your skin by enhancing skin cell turnover to smooth out rough patches.

  • Provider insight: This product is a great addition to Nectifirm! Skin on the neck is different than skin on the rest of our bodies so it’s great to have personalized treatments for each!

Revision's Intellishade at Tru-Skin

Intellishade ** Kristen’s favorite!

  • Category: Sunscreen

  • Intellishade is a 5-in-1 anti-aging formula that combines hydration, protection, correction and brightening all in one! This product contains broad-spectrum SPF 45 protection from harmful rays that can cause skin cancer, sun damage and signs of aging. Intellishade also contains multiple skin tightening peptides and Vitamin C to decrease discoloration and provide protection against harmful free radicals. To top it all off, this product contains a universal tint that will blend in flawlessly with any skin tone!

  • Original – good for dry skin!

  • Matte – Smooth, pore minimizing finish!

  • TruPhysical – Pure mineral formula, withouthidden chemical sunscreens, parabens, alcohol and artificial fragrance  

  • Kristen saysI love a good all-in-one product. Intellishade is perfect for those who want a simple routine that will hit multiple areas of skin health. This product also blends in so nicely with every skin tone without leaving you chalky like a lot of other physical sunscreens due to the beautiful tint!

Kristen Gathright, Physician Assistant at Tru-Skin

Revision's Vitamin K at Tru-Skin

Vitamin K Serum

  • Category: Antioxidant

  • This Vitamin K Serum containsa potent form of Vitamin K and Arnica Montana Extract, a natural botanical extract that soothes skin and reduces the appearance of redness. This lightweight formula works to protect your skin from damaging free radicals while hydrating and evening out skin tone.

  • Provider insight: This is a perfect hydrating antioxidant for those who have sensitive skin! Patients say it doesn’t sting or irritate – just provides lasting redness reduction and protection! Also great for preventing bruising pre or post injection procedure!