Now offering
virtual visits.
Anytime. Anywhere.

You no longer need to take time off or set an appointment.

Now you can visit your Tru-Skin provider from wherever you are, using the modmed Telehealth™ app on your cell phone or tablet. This convenient, time-saving service is for existing patients and only costs $75!

*Not appropriate for all appointments.

Telehealth tablet iphone
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March Telehealth

Tru-Skin Dermatology is now providing health care remotely using the modmed Telehealth™ app, available for download on your Android or iOS device.

Telemedicine doesn’t replace in-office visits, but it can be an effective added way for you to consult with a provider on occasion, giving you faster assistance and assurance – or a recommendation for face-to-face care. Once you install the app, you can easily snap and send photos and other information about your condition to receive a reply from a provider.

This convenient, time-saving service only costs $75, so download the modmed Telehealth™ app today!

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