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Maintaining an attractive appearance is of the utmost importance, so being saddled by a double chin can be a confidence crusher. But there is a solution to minimize or eliminate your double chin. Tru-Skin Dermatology offers Kybella® treatments to patients in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. We have state-of-the-art clinics in Austin, Bastrop, Bulverde, Cedar Park, Hallettsville, and La Grange to serve you. Our team of experts specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology to ensure our patients are healthy, happy, and confident. If you have been searching for a way to get rid of your double chin, look no further than Tru-Skin Dermatology. Call us today to learn more about Kybella® treatment and its benefits.

What Is Kybella® Treatment?

Kybella® is an injectable treatment designed to reduce submental fullness, otherwise known as a double chin. Submental fullness is a condition that affects both men and women due to genetics, weight gain, and aging, among other factors. The area of your neck directly under your chin is typically difficult to tone using diet and exercise, so some individuals seek additional assistance. These are the types of patients who are perfect for Kybella® treatment at Tru-Skin Dermatology. This injectable contains an enzyme that targets fat cells and destroys them, ultimately reducing submental fullness.

Recognizing Whether You Are A Candidate for Kybella®

Our professional dermatologists will consult with you to understand your treatment goals and individual circumstances to determine a proper course of action. For many patients with submental fullness, Kybella® is the preferred approach. It can dramatically enhance one’s facial profile under the right conditions. Ideal candidates for Kybella® treatment are those who:

  • Are in good health
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have accumulated fat deposits beneath their chins
  • Have good skin elasticity
  • Do not have bleeding problems or swallowing difficulties

Understanding the Kybella® Injectable Procedure

The principal ingredient in Kybella® is deoxycholic acid, which absorbs and destroys fat cells. During an initial appointment, our team will provide instructions to follow in the lead-up to your procedure. Such directives include avoiding the use of anti-inflammatory medications for five days prior to your treatment and the cessation of drinking and smoking for at least a week. Before your procedure, our doctors will mark the targeted areas so that we can maintain equal spacing and precisely inject Kybella® medication to your double chin. We will then administer Kybella® accordingly. If you need follow-up injections, we will arrange them around your schedule. Most individuals experience results after two to four treatments spaced roughly one month apart.

What to Expect Following Kybella® Injections

You may experience slight soreness throughout your chin and neck immediately following your Kybella® treatment. However, this will subside in a few days or less. Swelling may last for a couple of weeks, but you should notice a reduction in fat below your chin before long. We recommend avoiding strenuous activities and alcohol use after receiving injectables at Tru-Skin Dermatology. We will assess your submental fullness periodically to determine if you need additional injections. Kybella® causes the permanent destruction of fat cells, meaning the results should last for years. However, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid new fat deposits in your neck and jowl area.

Benefits of Opting for Kybella® Treatments

Individuals are constantly looking for ways to look and feel younger, and Kybella® treatments from Tru-Skin Dermatology can accomplish that mission. But the benefits of injectables are not limited to a reduction in submental fullness. Other advantages include:

  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Quick, easy procedures
  • Permanent results
  • Short recovery times
  • Youthful appearance

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If you are embarrassed by a double chin that will not go away regardless of your diet or exercise routine, you should consider Kybella® treatment from Tru-Skin Dermatology. This cosmetic injectable will reduce your submental fullness for good to enhance your appearance and improve your self-esteem. We provide this double chin treatment at each of our state-of-the-art clinics in Austin, TX and the surrounding area.


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