Meet the New President of AOCD

A Letter from the New President of the American College of Osteopathic Dermatology: Dr. Ladd!

Dr. Daniel J. Ladd, D.O.

My goal as president of the AOCD can be summed up in two words: connect and inspire.
What “connect” means to me:
When our dermatologists connect with old colleagues or take the time to meet new ones, everyone benefits from the process. Connection allows us to recharge and energize as we explore the experiences of our peers and partners in industry. Our meetings provide the perfect place to enjoy sharing our adventures and experiences face to face all while earning the continuous medical education credits we all rely on to make us better physicians-and we all know that better physicians mean that our patients are getting a higher level of care.
“Inspire” means: The AOCD wants to refresh the tired lecture circuit with some fresh ideas. To achieve this, we’ve started offering our continued medical education within a more dynamic lecture style. This includes a shorter lecture format to prevent the audience from dozing off midway through the lecture. We are also encouraging our speakers to abandon the traditional podium in favor of a walking lecture style. This way we can engage more effectively with our colleagues and retain information more easily.By connecting and inspiring our membership we seek to expand our numbers and grow our enthusiasm!
I’m excited to serve in this new role and am grateful for my Tru-Skin team and their unwavering support.